World of Steam:  India & Pakistan (cont.)

During the 1990s, World of Steam released a series of VHS programmes featuring steam locomotives working in India and Pakistan.  That material is now again available, now in DVD-form in digitally re-mastered and re-edited form, and these programmes record railways in the Sub-Continent as they really were.  Forget about special trains, run pasts and helicopters, just sit back and remember the way it was!

Volume 31: Indian Summer 

This exciting, hour-long production features the last days of steam on Indian Railways, and we visit the following locations:

Jalandhar (1993) to see the last days of the Northern Railway broad-gauge WL and WP pacifics;
Burdwan (1990 and 93) and Bankura to Rainagar  (1993) to view classic West Bengal 2 6 narrow-gauge lines;
Bhopal and Gwalior (1986) to view steam on the Central Railway mainline, and the last days of steam on the fantastic  2 gauge system;
Dhaulpur (1986) for 2 6 gauge pannier tanks;
Jaipur (1993) for the last days of steam on the Western Railway metre-gauge system;
Tipong Colliery (2005) to view steam working on this charming 2 gauge system, and;
Darjeeling (1993) filmed at a time when the line was still entirely steam worked but  looked doomed to imminent closure.

This is your chance to remember The way it was!


Please note that most of the footage featured in this production has previously appeared in World of Steam VHS productions.  It has been digitally re-mastered and re-edited, and is designed to be viewed in 4:3 aspect ratio.


Format DVD-R
Price 18, inc. p & p
Duration Approx. 60 minutes
Menu-indexed? Yes (on limited basis)




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On the verge of closure?  The Darjeeling Himalayan
 Railway in 1993

NM Pacific 763 shunts in the yard at Gwalior

Northern Railway WP Pacific 7136 awaits departure