World of Steam: India & Pakistan
Although by 1990 steam had virtually disappeared from all the biggest cities in Indian and Pakistan, the Sub-Continent still had a great deal to offer the enthusiast. Steam could be seen on at least four different track gauges, and the products of a multitude of different loco builders were still in use.
Visiting India was rarely a relaxing experience, but
World of Steam allows you to enjoy the action from the comfort of your armchair!

Volume 23: Darjeeling

The 55-mile long Darjeeling Himalayan Railway in northern India surely ranks as the most exciting railway journey in the world.  The 2-foot gauge line climbs almost 7000 feet in less than forty miles, and in early 2005 was still partially worked by the unique "B" class saddle tank engines, some of which are over 100 years old.  Combine this with spectacular scenery and loops and zigzags to gain height, and the result is a journey which all passengers (enthusiast or not!) never forget.
This 75-minute programme examines the history of the line, and takes the viewer on a conducted tour, from the dusty plains of Siliguri to the summit at Ghum, and down into Darjeeling.  Along the way we enjoy the breathtaking views which the line offers, climb through tea estates, and see the profusion of vegetation which help to make the journey such a colourful experience.  In short, this DVD provides a comprehensive account of the line, filmed principally in January 2005.  The production is menu-indexed to allow rapid access to your favourite clips.

For good measure we also take a look at the "ones that got away" and visit the "B" class locos that are now working at the Tipong Colliery in Assam.
In the early 1990s World of Steam was the first producer to offer a video programme solely devoted to the DHR.  Fifteen years on, this production marks another milestone, providing a thorough update of the original version, featuring 80% brand new material.
Format DVD-R
Price 18, inc. p & p
Duration Approx. 75 minutes
Menu-indexed? Yes



Arriving at Sukna

Near Kurseong