World of Steam: Germany

Volume 28: Plandampf     

For 20 years enthusiasts in Germany have held "Plandampfs"  -effectively festivals when a number of timetabled trains within an area are scheduled for haulage by preserved steam locomotives.


2010 was a significant year, since it was the 20th anniversary of the first of these festivals, and also marked the 175th anniversary of railways in Germany.  Thus the decision was made to hold a massive festival over Easter, based on the city of Trier in western Germany. 


With well over 100 scheduled steam trains in a five day period the plans were almost certainly the most ambitious ever proposed for such an event.  In this programme  we see 18 of the steam locomotives that were used for the festival, and we visit the Trier - Saarbrucken line (as far south as Taben), the Trier - Koblenz line (as far east as Neef), the Trier Gerolstein line and the Gerolstein to Ulman line.


You are invited to sit back and enjoy this marvellous spectacle.

This wide-screen production is indexed by menu and lasts for 48 minutes.


Format DVD-R
Price 18, inc. p & p
Duration Approx. 48 minutes
TV system PAL/SECAM, widescreen
Menu-indexed? Yes





Loco 58 311 storms out of Rengen.



















78 468 awaits departure from Trier on a Gerolstein train.


The power and the glory!  01 1066 leaves Trier on a Koblenz train.

01 118 pauses at Wittlich with a Koblenz train.

01 509 tackles the lengthy gradient at Schmidtheim, north of Jűnkerath


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