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Technical Details


All World of Steam programmes are priced in Pounds Sterling (GBP), as shown in the relevant section of this website.  Conversion to other currencies (as appropriate) will be automatically undertaken within the Paypal® payments system at the market rate prevailing when, or soon after, your purchase is made.  All purchases will be immediately acknowledged by email.

You may find the following currency converter helpful to ascertain the approximate cost of your purchase in your local currency:

Post and Packing

No post and packing charge is made in respect of any orders, regardless of size or destination.


The prices shown on this website represent the total sum payable to us by customers.  It is possible, however, that some countries may levy their own tax on imported goods, and payment of this tax is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


World of Steam no longer routinely markets VHS tapes.  If you have a particular interest in archival footage supplied on this medium, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


All of our DVDs are written in the DVD-R format, and this is compatible with almost all DVD players.  All of our productions are menu-indexed allowing easy access to your favourite sequences.

Please note that our DVDs are produced for the PAL/SECAM TV system, and we do not supply DVDs for the NTSC TV system.  If you live in North America or Japan this does not necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy our fine DVDs, since most DVD players will correctly interpret the discs, regardless of the television system for which they are primarily written.  Consequently we have many satisfied DVD customers in the USA and Canada, but before ordering you should confirm by reference to your user instructions that your DVD player has the capability to play PAL format discs.


We aim to send orders by mail within a day or two of receiving them.  You will be advised by email when the goods are despatched.


World of Steam has always operated a "no quibble" guarantee of quality, and despite the sale of thousands of programmes, we have had no more than a handful of returns. However, if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to World of Steam for a full refund of the purchase price, or exchange for an equivalent product.

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