World of Steam: China (cont)

Volume 21: China The Endgame   

China emerged as the last significant location where large numbers of steam locomotives could be seen performing the work for which they were built.  Even in 2005 there were still more than enough pockets of steam to render a visit well worthwhile.
This programme mourns the last days of steam in China with top-grade video material obtained during visits between 2000 and 2005.  Dahuichang, Dongsheng, Hegang, Jinchengjiang, the JiTong line, Tiefa, Tongchuan, Weihe, Yinghao, Yuanbaoshan, and the Beijing Railway Museum are visited, providing a superb account of all the standard classes in diverse scenery.
For those who have been lucky enough to witness the spectacle for themselves, this programme will serve as a lasting reminder of their visit. 

The production is menu-indexed to allow rapid access to your favourite clips. 

Format DVD-R
Price 18, inc. p & p
Duration Approx. 80 minutes
Menu-indexed? Yes



"....... a treasure for the steam-free years ahead."

Continental Railway Journal
 Winter 2003/04

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Passenger service at

Super power at Dongsheng

Sunrise at Tiefa.  An SY 2-8-2 works a suburban
 train bound for Daobingshan.