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Indian Fans, take a look at these two new releases:

World of Steam is a series of video programmes, filmed and edited by Roy Laverick, a highly-travelled English enthusiast. The programmes feature steam locomotives from diverse parts of the world,  in many cases performing the tasks for which they were built.

Wherever possible the coverage is of timetabled, public service trains, rather than "specials", and thus truly captures the atmosphere of the diverse locations visited.  In recent years this ideal has been increasingly difficult to achieve, so high grade coverage of preserved steam has been included.

A new development is our "
The Way it Was" series, which offers viewers the opportunity to enjoy some of the material that was originally released during the 1990s in VHS programmes.  The footage has been digitally re-mastered and re-edited.  Naturally the picture quality is not what would be achieved by modern-day cameras, but the authenticity is total, and will remind many viewers of the trials and tribulations of visiting the locations concerned!  It is planned that the The Way it Was series will expand in due course to cover South America and Zimbabwe.

World of Steam has been in business for over twenty five years, and was a true pioneer in the field.  During that time thousands of programmes have been supplied to thousands of satisfied customers.  We are based at: 2 Ivy Cottages, Long Road West, Dedham, Colchester, CO7 6EL, United Kingdom. 

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